domingo, 24 de julio de 2011

lovingsummer -

 Hey guys! I hope you are enjoying a lot the summer, because I'm doing it! I have to say that I'm very busy, working evenings of babysitter and mornings I usually go to the beach, sleep or take pictures as photographer for the very great magazine - new online magazine of the Balearic Islands ! This week we reached the 200.000 views! So happy for that! Remember also that I'm going to France on 2 August, I can't wait to see my beautiful family that I'm missing so much - and the big wedding of my "belle cousine". Also comment that since a week ago I have no camera, is being repaired in Madrid, I look forward it end it fast, for take it to France. Nothing more, good night my little bloggers - xx.

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  2. i can see you are enjoying summer, these pictures are so nice :)

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